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SAS Projects specializes in remedial services, expertly addressing structural challenges in towering edifices. Trust us to elevate building health & aesthetics.

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Structural Issues

Building Structural Cracks: Expert Solutions by SAS Projects

Defect: High-rise buildings often grapple with structural cracks stemming from porous concrete, drastic temperature variations, corrosion in reinforcements, and masonry shrinkage.

Solution: At SAS Projects, we take a rigorous approach: carefully scraping and sanding affected zones, followed by priming, sealing, and a repainting finish. Consistent inspections and building maintenance are key to reduce future repairs, ensuring your structure stands tall and secure.

Reinforcement Corrosion Damage: Proactive Solutions by SAS Projects

Defect: The infiltration of chlorides or carbonation to the reinforcement level spells potential corrosion damage in a short span.

Solution: SAS Projects harnesses the power of sacrificial systems. By pairing two disparate metals within the concrete, the more corrosive metal (zinc) corrodes over the more noble one (reinforcing steel). This strategic approach offers long-term protection against reinforcement corrosion.

Rusted Lintel Bars: Precision Repairs with SAS Projects

Defect: Arch bars and lintels play a pivotal role in supporting brickwork around structural openings. When these crucial components rust, it often results in cracks and holes.

Solution: With precision, SAS Projects removes bricks over the compromised lintels, propping up the structure temporarily. We replace old metal bars with galvanized or stainless-steel variants, finishing off with meticulous brickwork restoration.

High Rise Concrete Spalling: Combatting Concrete Cancer with SAS Projects

Defect: The ominous "concrete cancer", or concrete spalling, emerges due to corrosion at various structural points like steel balustrade bases or post-tensioning anchor points. Insufficient cover over reinforcing bars further intensifies the problem.

Solution: SAS Projects' methodology involves meticulously removing compromised concrete and carving out a repair zone. Our specially mixed concrete, kept as dry as feasible, is then applied. Proper curing, sealing, and repainting ensure the structure's rejuvenation.

Masonry Cracking: Restorative Techniques by SAS Projects

Defect: Masonry cracks can manifest due to diverse reasons: moisture transitions, foundation settlements, or building atop inconsistent foundations.

Solution: SAS Projects' experts utilize specialized tools to rake out horizontal mortar beds and carve out specific slots. The surface is primed, and then crack stitched. This procedure reestablishes structural integrity, distributing loads effectively for a lasting solution.

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By choosing SAS Projects, you can trust our team to provide the expertise and support you need to ensure your building is safe and compliant.

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Water Issues

Damaged Ceilings: Comprehensive Repairs by SAS Projects

Defect: The insidious damage from water leaks can compromise paint coatings and, if overlooked, endanger the structural substrate itself.

Solution: SAS Projects takes a proactive approach: locating and mending the water leak source, followed by diligent replacement of the damaged parts. If the substrate remains unscathed, our experts seal the affected zone, ensuring a flawless coat finish, shielding against future stains.

Expansion Joints Renewal: Precision and Expertise by SAS Projects

Defect: Expansion joints bear the brunt of environmental factors and time, often becoming susceptible to damage. Any lapse in their maintenance can invite unwelcome water ingress.

Solution: SAS Projects pioneers in re-caulking solutions. The flawed joint is meticulously removed, paving the way for a pristine surface. Our experts then introduce an elastomeric joint sealant, guaranteeing durability and protection.

High Rise Windows Water Leaking: Swift Solutions by SAS Projects

Defect: Window rubber gaskets, vital for structural integrity, can succumb to environmental factors or natural wear over time.

Solution: At SAS Projects, we emphasize preventative action, employing silicon sealing around the rubber gaskets. And, in cases where glass panels pose a risk, our team harnesses structural sealants, ensuring safety and longevity.

Water Patterns on Walls: Innovative Solutions by SAS Projects

Defect: Wall water patterns, a result of rainwater overflowing from balconies due to drainage system failures, can tarnish the building's aesthetic appeal.

Solution: Our solution is twofold. SAS Projects introduces plastic drip lines outside balconies, strategically directing water away from wall surfaces. This ensures not only structural safety but also a blemish-free appearance.

Render Issues

Cracked Render: Expert Restoration by SAS Projects

Defect: Render cracks can arise due to a myriad of reasons, be it thin application, excessive moisture, or incorrect technique.

Solution: At SAS Projects, we meticulously grind out the cracks, sealing them securely. For significant damage, we apply a robust method: removing the render, saw cutting the edges for precision, and ensuring a dust-free surface. With a bonding agent prepped for action, our experts then move to a flawless cement rendering, promising durability and aesthetics.

High Rise Drummy Render: Precision Repair Solutions by SAS Projects

Defect: Often caused by improper cement mix ratios, or applying to dry building surfaces, drummy render can compromise structural aesthetics.

Solution: SAS Projects, with its dedicated team, identifies the core issue, addressing it by removing the flawed render and introducing control joints for surface tension relief. Post-repair, our expertise shines with impeccable repainting.

Efflorescence: Masterful Treatment by SAS Projects

Defect: Manifesting as salts on the paintwork, efflorescence is a clear sign of moisture intrusion.

Solution: With a keen eye, SAS Projects pinpoints the moisture source, implementing strategies to thwart further absorption. A thorough cleaning, sanding, and repainting regimen ensures pristine results. For stubborn cases, we turn to epoxy-based paints for unmatched results.

Reviving Render Integrity: Proactive Solutions by SAS Projects

Defect: Occurring due to improper surface preparation, excessive render thickness, or moisture, delaminated render is a potential structural blight.

Solution: SAS Projects dives into action, stripping away faulty render and setting the stage for a fresh, flawlessly applied render, culminating in a pristine repaint.

Mud Cracking: Detailed Solutions by SAS Projects

Defect :A wrong cement mix, or its application to hot surfaces, can lead to mud cracking. Further complications arise from inadequate control joints. 

Solution: SAS Projects examines the affected zone, removing compromised render and introducing control joints. For minor issues, a flexible membrane is employed, ensuring longevity and structural grace.

Replacing Rusty Corner Beads: A SAS Projects Specialty

Defect: Environment, alkalinity, and moisture can render metal corner beads susceptible to rust, marring the building's look.

Solution: SAS Projects wields precision tools to replace rusted metal with sturdy plastic corners. By eliminating the corrosion threat, we ensure both longevity and aesthetics for your structure.

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