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Breathing life into aged masonry with SAS Projects. Our rope access brick repair services seamlessly merge safety and precision, restoring the grandeur of high-rise brick facades. No crack too small, no height too tall; we ensure your brickwork stands proud and undaunted

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High Rise Brick Repointing Solutions

Our repointing service is provided for commercial buildings, apartments, and large residential brick homes throughout Sydney and Newcastle. We are also experienced in performing repointing on stone buildings.

For buildings that require more than just repointing, PH Brick Restoration are capable and qualified to handle restoration services.

What is Brick Repointing?

Brick Repointing is the process of restoring deteriorated mortar joints in masonry. It is often also called simply Brick Pointing.  Whilst the process and materials will be different depending on age, all brick and stone buildings can be repointed. If the mortar of your building has started to erode or crumble, repointing will return your building to its former glory and prevent the need to perform costly and invasive remedial work to the inner structure.

Why Repoint Your Building?

Whilst repointing is typically a preventative action to repair or halt structural integrity issues, it is also common to repoint a brick building before selling to increase value. The new mortar will renew a building’s lustre by restoring its crisp, neat lines and bright accents. Done correctly, repointing will increase the integrity of the building by around 40 years.

Our Comprehensive Industrial Rope Access Services

By choosing SAS Projects, you can trust our team to provide the expertise and support you need to ensure your building is safe and compliant.

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When Should You Repoint High Rise Building ?

Over time, the mortar for a brick building will begin to erode and crumble. This leads to displacement of bricks, and can also allow moisture to penetrate the structure. It is at this stage that a building needs to be repointed ASAP. Left unchecked, dampness and mildew will contaminate inner walls, and wall ties will rust. At this point, your building is a ticking time-bomb. At this phase, repointing is no longer an effective option. Eventually the walls will bow and possibly even collapse. 

Benefits of Repointing

-Increase The Visual Appeal & Value Of Your Property
-No Need For Demolition Or Rebuilding
-Protect Against Lateral & Rising Damp
-Restore Structural Integrity Of Your Building


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