Waterproofing & Water Ingress

Waterproofing & Water Ingress

Address concrete cracks, wet areas, and water ingress effectively. Our membrane system ensures long-lasting protection against water damages.

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Remedial Waterproofing and Water Ingress Solutions

The Unseen Threat of Water Ingress

The durability and longevity of a building hinge not only on its foundational strength but also on how well it resists the damaging effects of water ingress. The stealthy intrusion of water into structures can degrade their quality and aesthetic appeal. This makes remedial waterproofing not just an afterthought but an essential element in the building's lifecycle. With a surge in modern architectural designs and complexities, the need for efficient and effective water ingress solutions has never been higher.

Understanding Water Ingress: The Silent Culprit

Water ingress refers to the unwanted penetration of water into a building structure. This infiltration could be because of multiple factors, from natural wear and tear to poor construction techniques or subpar materials. Over time, untreated water ingress can lead to serious problems like mould growth, structural damage, and costly repairs.

Remedial Waterproofing: An Essential Preventive Measure

Remedial waterproofing is the method of treating and preventing the further occurrence of water infiltration in an existing structure. It addresses the root causes of water ingress, offering long-term solutions that ensure a building’s safety and durability.

Damp Proofing: A basic remedial measure where a damp-proof course or damp-proof membrane is installed in walls to prevent rising dampness.

Cavity Wall Drains: Used in walls with cavities, ensuring any water that penetrates the external layer gets drained out, not reaching the internal wall.
Crystalline Waterproofing: A technology that uses water-reactive compounds to form crystals in wet areas, blocking the pores and preventing further water infiltration.
Common Signs That You Need Remedial Waterproofing

- Peeling paint or wallpaper
- Mold or mildew presence
- Wet or damp floors and walls
- Unexplained musty odors
- Water stains on ceilings or walls

Spotting these signs early can save property owners from high repair costs in the long run.

Water Ingress Solutions - Addressing the Core Issue

The effectiveness of a remedial waterproofing treatment heavily depends on diagnosing the exact cause of water ingress.

External Solutions: Installing gutters and downspouts, ensuring the landscape directs water away from the foundation, and sealing exterior walls.

Internal Solutions: Interior sealants and coatings, sump pumps, and internal drainage systems.

Advanced Techniques: Vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and hydrophobic sealants.

How to Choose the Right Remedial Waterproofing Technique

Consult a Professional: Engaging experts can help identify the precise issue and the most effective solution.

Evaluate the Extent of Damage: A minimal surface issue might need just a sealant, but deeper ingress could necessitate advanced solutions.

Consider the Building's Age: Older buildings might require more comprehensive solutions than newer ones.

Budget Constraints: While not compromising on quality, choose a solution that aligns with your budget.

Benefits of Remedial Waterproofing

A compelling reason for pushing for window and door replacements in strata high rises is the challenge posed by water ingress. Ageing or deteriorated windows and doors can become conduits for water penetration, leading to internal damage and even potentially threatening the structural integrity of the building. Immediate rectification in such scenarios.

Longevity of Structure: Effective waterproofing enhances the building's lifespan.

Cost Savings: While there's an initial investment, in the long run, remedial waterproofing saves on potential repair costs.

Improved Health Conditions: It prevents mould growth, ensuring healthier living conditions.

Enhanced Property Value: A well-maintained, water-protected property fetches a better market essential for preserving the collective health of the strata property.

Challenges in Remedial Waterproofing and How to Overcome Them

Hidden Issues: Many times, we cannot see the root cause of the problem. Advanced diagnostic tools and professional consultation can be handy.

Temporary Fixes: Avoid short-term solutions that might aggravate the problem in the long run.

Budget Limitations: Choose a solution that provides a balance between cost and effectiveness.

The Need for Proactive Measures

In cities, buildings need waterproofing to protect them from changing weather. It's not just a precaution, it's necessary. Investing in good waterproofing helps buildings stay strong and resistant to water damage caused by moisture and infiltration.

Using these solutions for building maintenance will benefit property owners and construction workers in the short and long term.

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