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In construction, the need for remedial structural repair in high rise buildings has never been more critical. Every structure, irrespective of its antiquity, has its vulnerabilities. From modern skyscrapers to time-honoured landmarks, maintaining and ensuring their remedial structural integrity is crucial in this age.

SAS Projects: Masters of Concrete Restoration

In the realm of concrete repair and restoration, SAS Projects has etched its mark as a trusted specialist. Our diagnostic prowess allows us to discern both manifest and latent issues within damaged concrete structures. Understanding the intricacies of every structure, our repair work is bespoke, ensuring underlying causes receive due attention.

One particularly vexing issue we encounter is crumbling concrete. This is prevalent in aged structures or those subjected to severe environmental conditions.

Addressing this requires a specialized approach. We employ repair mortars, each uniquely formulated for specific types of degradation, ensuring a comprehensive solution. Furthermore, our utilization of the polymer-modified repair system ensures that the repairs are enduring. This system rejuvenates concrete, restoring its structural integrity and bolstering its defense against future deterioration.

In-depth: SAS Project's Repair Methodology

Our philosophy revolves around the intertwined relationship between steel and concrete. Their collective strength in building edifices is undeniable. However, they also constitute the crux of concrete cancer issues. Rusting of reinforcing steel, exacerbated by moisture penetration and reactions like alkali silica, leads to surrounding concrete expansion and cracking.

To counteract this, SAS Projects champions an advanced electrochemical treatment process. This technique is meticulously designed to arrest rusting. Solving the current issue is only part of the fight; this approach also protects the building from future problems.

Additionally, prevention remains a cornerstone of our ethos. Waterproofing membranes, when applied to structures, act as formidable barriers against water ingress. Because concrete naturally has pores, durability experts often recommend using these membranes, especially in rainy or coastal regions.

Harnessing Polymer Modified Solutions

Our age is one of rapid technological advancement, and the construction realm is no exception. At SAS Projects, we leverage the potential of polymer-modified materials to combat the challenges presented by air and water penetration. When used, these materials make concrete stronger against environmental threats, giving structures a fresh start. Whether it's early signs of concrete cancer or advanced degradation, our methods ensure a holistic care approach.

Understanding the Threat: What Is Concrete Cancer?

To the untrained eye, concrete appears sturdy and non-porous. However, in reality, concrete is porous. Concrete can develop "cancer" due to its porousness and exposure to air and water over time.

Initially, it appears to be rust or small cracks. However, if left unaddressed, it can escalate into a significant issue for the structure.

When water penetrates concrete, it interacts with the reinforcing steel within. Steel, in the presence of moisture, starts to rust.

As rust occupies more volume than the original steel, it exerts outward pressure, causing the surrounding concrete to crack. These cracks, in turn, facilitate more water ingress, perpetuating a vicious cycle. Additionally, poor quality concrete can contribute to alkali-silica reactions, which further deteriorate the structure.

The Role of Quality: From Materials to Methods

The use of poor-quality concrete or repair materials can exacerbate structural issues. Rust stains, for example, are often a telltale sign of compromised reinforcing steel within. We place immense emphasis on sourcing the finest repair mortars, polymer-modified material, and other essentials. Our commitment to quality ensures that the surrounding concrete, once repaired, stands resilient against both time and elements.

Today's repairs should not just be a quick fix, but a lasting solution to keep structures strong for many years.

Building Tomorrow with SAS Projects

Concrete, in all its strength and splendor, remains susceptible to the relentless march of time and the elements. SAS Projects takes charge and not only repairs structures, but also rejuvenates, fortifies, and prepares them for the future.

We use careful repair techniques, advanced treatments, and have a strong dedication to quality. With these measures, we guarantee that every building, regardless of its historical or contemporary nature, will remain strong and healthy. Our goal is to prevent any concrete damage from occurring.

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