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We'll explore the essential aspects of strata painting and how our expertise can help you achieve stunning results.
Proper installation is crucial in achieving height safety compliance standards. Our accredited professionals ensure that height safety systems are installed correctly to meet and exceed all relevant standards, keeping your workers safe at heights.

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Benefits of Strata Painting

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the essential aspects of strata painting and how our expertise can help you achieve stunning results.

Refresh Your Building's Appearance

A fresh coat of paint can transform a dull, outdated building into an attractive, modern living space.

Maintain and Repair Your Property

Regular painting is a crucial part of property maintenance, helping to protect surfaces and address any wear or damage.

Improve Waterproofing and Protection

High-quality paint and professional application provide additional waterproofing and protection against the elements.

Increase Real Estate Value and Rental Returns

A well-maintained and visually appealing building is more likely to attract tenants and buyers, ultimately boosting property values and rental returns.

The Strata Painting Process

Obtain Approval for Painting

Before painting common property areas, you must seek approval from the strata committee and owners corporation at a committee meeting. Be sure to adhere to any specific by-laws and regulations for your strata scheme.

Organize the Painting Project

The owners corporation is responsible for organizing painting work, but this task can be delegated to the strata committee or strata manager. They will find a painter, schedule the work, and coordinate the project.

Financing the Paint Job

Major paint jobs should be funded through the strata capital works fund, while smaller touch-ups can be paid via the administrative fund. If necessary, costs can be divided evenly among lot owners.

Painting & Protective Coating Services

At SAS Projects, we understand the importance of height safety systems, compliance management, and roof safety systems. We are committed to providing the best solutions and services to ensure the safety and well-being of workers at height. This comprehensive guide will cover all aspects of height safety systems and compliance management, providing valuable information to help you make informed decisions for your organization.

Choosing the Right Painter

Obtain Multiple Quotes

Get quotes from at least two or three painters or painting companies. Your strata manager can help recommend painters if needed.

Assess Communication and Experience

Look for painters with good communication skills, positive reviews from previous clients, and experience in the strata industry.

Verify Credentials and Associations

Check for proper accreditations, licenses, insurance, and ABN. Consider affiliations with industry associations such as SCA NSW and Master Painters NSW.

Compare Quotes and Materials

Review quotes and their inclusions. Keep in mind that lower-priced quotes may use inferior materials and yield poorer results.

Minimizing Disruption During Strata Painting

Communicate with Residents

Notify residents in advance of painting work by posting notices on communal boards and distributing them through letterboxes.

Schedule Work Strategically

Arrange for painting to take place over multiple days, focusing on different areas of the building and avoiding peak hours to minimize disruption.

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FAQsEverything you need to know about our service. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please, chat to our friendly team.
How often should a strata building be painted?The frequency of painting depends on various factors, such as the building's location, materials, and exposure to elements. Generally, every 5-10 years is recommended.
Can individual lot owners paint their apartments? Yes, cosmetic painting work within individual lots is at the discretion of the lot owner.
How long does it take to complete a strata painting project?The duration of a strata painting project depends on factors such as the building's size, the extent of work needed, and the painters' availability. A detailed timeline will be provided once the project scope is determined.
Is it necessary to repaint the entire building or can partial painting be done?Partial painting can be done for specific areas that require attention. However, repainting the entire building ensures a consistent, updated appearance and maximizes the benefits of strata painting.
What type of paint is best for strata buildings?High-quality, durable paints with UV resistance and waterproofing properties are ideal for strata buildings. A professional painter can help recommend the most suitable paint based on the building's materials and environment.
How long does it take to install a height safety system?Yes, our solutions are compliant with AS1891.4:2009 and AS1657-2018, ensuring adherence to Australian codes, standards, and legislation.
Still have questions?Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.