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Height Safety Roof Access Hatches for high-rise buildings offer secure, sealed entry points to rooftops, designed with safety and ease of access in mind.


The Benefits of Roof Access Hatches for Roof Safety

At SAS Projects, we understand the importance of safe and easy access to rooftop areas for industrial and commercial buildings. Roof access hatches provide a convenient and secure means of entry and exit from inside the building or ceiling space, reducing the risk of injury for workers. In this article, we will explore the various types of roof access hatches, their features, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Roof access hatches offer several advantages for ensuring roof safety, including:

1.  Easy Access: Hatches provide a direct route to the rooftop, minimizing the need for workers to climb ladders or use scaffolding.

2.  Safety Compliance: Our roof access hatches are designed to meet strict height safety regulations, ensuring that your building remains compliant.

3.  Reduced Risk of Injury: By providing a safer and shorter route to rooftop areas, roof access hatches minimize the risk of injury for workers.

4.  Cost-effective: Roof access hatches are a cost-effective solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Custom Installations to Meet Your Height Safety Needs

Working at heights can be dangerous, which is why having a reliable and effective height safety system is essential. At SAS Projects, we offer custom installations that meet your specific needs and ensure your workers are protected while on the job. We understand that every workplace is different, and we take the time to design a system tailored to your unique requirements.

SAS Projects Roof Access Hatch Offerings

Hinged Roof Access Hatches

Our hinged roof access hatches feature:

Custom Hatch opening clearance

Full 90° unrestricted opening for ease of access

Insulated dual skin construction to limit noise and thermal transfer

One hand-operated internal handle for ease of use while opening and closing

Gas strut-assisted opening and closing, suited for high-frequency usage

Zincalume construction and high-strength hinges for low maintenance and trouble-free use

Options for tray deck or corrugated roofs with simple installation and flashing kits

Optional locking function with push lock and keys

Optional locking function with push lock and keys
Compatibility with Vista Fold Down Access Ladder System

Sliding Roof Access Hatches

Our sliding roof access hatches offer the following features:

Safe sliding lid operation even in windy conditions – perfect for multi-story buildings

Precision bearing-assisted slides for effortless movement during opening and closing

Unrestricted opening with the hatch lid out of the way for safe and easy material handling

Robust construction with an aluminium frame and zincalume shell

EPDM Seal for weatherproof protection

Multiple opening size options

Options for tray deck or corrugated roofs with simple installation and flashing kits

Dual locking function, including push lock and padlock tabs

Don't wait for an incident,
Proactively implementing and maintaining height safety systems is critical for protecting your workers and meeting your obligations.
Height Safety Engineers

SAS Projects: Your Trusted Partner in Roof Safety

SAS Projects is a respected name in height safety across Australia. Our team of highly experienced height safety specialists is dedicated to ensuring that our clients meet safety compliance standards and maintain safe rooftops. We offer a wide range of roof access hatches, safety systems, and professional advice to suit your needs.ghest levels of workmanship and safety are upheld. We are accredited and preferred installers for Sayfa, SRA.

Roof access hatches play a vital role in ensuring safe and convenient access to rooftop areas. At SAS Projects, we provide a variety of roof access hatches and supporting safety systems to meet your specific requirements. Contact our expert team today to discuss your needs and find the perfect roof access solution for your building.

Roof Access Hatch with Fixed Ladder or Stairway

For warehouses and industrial buildings, we can design and install custom fixed ladder or stairway solutions to enable safe and compliant access to a roof hatch. Fixed access systems are low maintenance, cost-effective, and have minimal inspection requirements compared to fold-down options.

Choosing the Right Roof Access Hatch for Your Needs

At SAS Projects, our experts can help you determine the best roof access hatch for your specific requirements. We will consider factors such as building height, frequency of use, and the type of roof your building has. Our team will also provide guidance on additional safety features, such as guardrails and self-closing gates, to ensure the highest level of safety for your workers.

Vista Ceiling Hatch with Fold-Down Ladder

For situations where space is limited, we offer the Vista ceiling hatch with an integrated lightweight fold-down ladder. This combination provides safe and compliant access to the ceiling space and the rooftop. The fold-down ladder is designed to integrate seamlessly with our roof access hatches, offering a space-efficient solution.

Access Hatch Guardrails

To provide fall protection around roof access hatches, SAS Projects highly recommends installing an Access Hatch Guardrail Kit. These guardrail kits are designed to offer edge protection around the opening of the hatch and serve as a grab rail for workers, ensuring safe transitions to and from the ladder. An optional self-closing gate can be mounted at the access opening to maintain the highest safety standards. Guardrail kits can be mounted to various roof profiles, including concrete and metal deck.

Codes of Practice - Australian Standards

How to Manage Work Health & Safety Risks - Code of Practice (Safe Work Australia). 

This code provides practical guidance for businesses on how to identify, assess, and control workplace hazards to minimize risks to workers' health and safety.

Industry Codes for Fixed Platforms, Fall Arrest Systems,Static Lines, Walkways, Guardrails, Stairways, and Access Ladders (WAHA).

This industry code, published in September 2021, provides guidance on the design, installation, and maintenance of fixed platforms, walkways, guardrails, stairways, and ladders for working at height.

Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs)

EWPs are mobile units used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to elevated areas, often referred to as "cherry pickers" or "scissor lifts".

Advantages of Davit Systems:

Relatively low rental cost

Versatile reach range


Larger units can have significant footprints

Generally, two-person use capacity

Industry Code for Permanent Anchor Systems, Lifeline & Rail Installations for Working at Height (WAHA).

This code offers guidance on the design, installation, and maintenance of permanent anchor systems, lifeline, and rail installations for working at height.

Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces - Code of Practice (Safe Work Australia).

This code provides practical guidance on managing risks associated with falls at workplaces, including risk assessment and control measures.


Selecting the right facade maintenance system requires careful consideration. Each building is unique, and height safety solutions are not one-size-fits-all. At SAS Projects, we can assist you with new system designs or conduct auditing and/or system installation on your existing buildings. For advice on your requirements, contact us on the form below:


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